Agape boys….what can I say… they are such precious kids. These boys who I met have gone through hardship I can never imagine and yet they are always there with the smile. “Take my peectcha!” One of their favorite things is to see themselves on camera. In many ways they are like every other boy I have met. They play, they learn, they fight, they love. But knowing what I know, I can see there is something a bit different in their eyes. The longer these guys stay at Agape Children’s Ministry that haunted hollow look becomes less and less. But if you look closely it is there.

So what happens at Agape that clears the eyes of these “lost boys”?

Boys are brought in from the street by Agape or dropped off by authorities. Some just find their own way to the gate. Once they are processed in, they begin their reentry. Counseling classes are the first step of the boy’s time at Agape. They work though any past traumas and hardships they have been through. They learn about spiritual warfare, anger management and Jesus’ love. When they are ready, they start attending education classes. All this leads to gaining the strength to begin rehabilitation and eventually reintegration to their families and villages.


These boys who grabbed my heart, with their smiles, laughter and sweetness, I pray they all leave Agape happy and whole. Knowing that Jesus loves them and able to build healthy lives.

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  1. You’ve captured Agape boys as they move from being street urchins to children as God intends them to be. From their haunted eyes to those handsome smiles…you’ve caught them, Vicki.
    God’s blessings upon them…and you! Love, Kath

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